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Since Christmas I’ve been eating and preparing paleo meals (check out this post to catch up on my paleo adventure). Generally it’s not too different from how we already eat, and Chris even confessed he hasn’t felt deprived of anything. However, I’ve had to learn a few paleo hacks, if you will, to make up for some previous staples.┬áRICE. We ate rice all the time! It was our go to grain, cheap and easy. But rice isn’t a option anymore. So, now what do we eat with our stir frys and curries?

Cauliflower “rice”!

Firstly cauliflower is pretty inexpensive when it comes to veggies, so that’s a plus. When sauteed, cauliflower takes on a similar rice like texture. Of course it doesn’t taste like rice, but it’s flavor is mild enough that you can make it bend to your culinary will.

Take a medium cauliflower head and chop it up into super fine pieces. You can use your ninja knife skills or zip it up in batches with a food processor.

  1. Heat up your oil of choice in a pan; coconut, olive, ghee.
  2. Add the “rice” to the pan. Let them cook and eventually lightly brown to get that nutty flavor, stirring frequently.
  3. Add spices, the possibilities are endless! Fresh herbs always work well, parsley and cilantro are a favorite.

For this version I used coconut oil, fresh cilantro, green onions, salt and pepper, and finished it with fresh lime juice, scraping up the brown bits.

This became a tasty base for a thai shrimp curry.