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Manayunk Brewing Company in Philadelphia

I’ve been to the Manayunk Brewing Company before for their own beers and other tasty drinks, but this was my first dining experience. I genuinely enjoy all of their brews from the Bohemian Blonde to the Schuylkill Punch (it doesn’t actually include any river water). I had a Kennett Square Pizza cause I like eating local things when I can, and more importantly I love me some mushrooms. Nearby Kennett Square bears the title of “mushroom capital of the world”, and if you don’t believe me, Wikipedia will set you straight.

The pizza was described as “mushrooms, goat cheese, caramelized onions and mozzarella”. What was delivered was only slightly disappointing. I was hoping for 2x the mushrooms, and the onions weren’t caramelized, just cooked. So maybe the chef forgot to do that part, or the menu writer doesn’t really know what caramelized means. I gripe because that would really have made it awesome. The crust was nice and thin, and well done. And the mushrooms that were present were tender and meaty. And yes, I ate it all. I’ll be be back, it’s fun to eat outside by the river, but perhaps I’ll opt for the burger next time, they looked really good…