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Around here, the month of June is the time for strawberries. And I LOVE strawberries. These little berries are not only divinely sweet and tart when they’re in season, but they’re naturally low in sugar and packed with antioxidants.┬áIt’s hard not to just eat them all with a bowlful of fresh whipped cream, but this year I’ve saved enough to transform them into some tasty treats.

fresh strawberries


These mini hand pies were made from a combination of recipes from a classic pate brisee and a Smitten Kitchen filling. I made them for a recipe project for Stryker Farm to illustrate the glorious use of a lard based pie dough – you can get the entire recipe, here. They were the perfect individual size. And oh, so delicious!


I make a lot of ice pops throughout the summer months. These use the fresh strawberries, spearmint from the garden and squeeze of lime. Simply blend hulled strawberries, a stem’s worth of mint leaves and juice from half a lime. Pour the mixture into an ice pop mold and freeze.

strawberry ice pops

If you have any leftover mixture you could add a bit of rum and make a daiquiri while you wait for your ice pops to freeze. Yum.