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Homemade Whiskey Beef Jerky

  Re-Posted from I have a confession; I love jerky. There’s something about a dried piece of salty meat that I find so satisfying as a snack. But as much as I love it, I rarely buy it except on the rare festival or camping trip,... read more

Kelly & Carl

This was a Christmas gift for a friend. I took a photo and traced a vector image over... read more

Homemade Horseradish Sauce

Re-Posted from My aunt gave me a horseradish plant in the spring. Fun, I like horseradish. I planted it in a sunny spot outside of the garden beds because I was warned that it will take up a lot of space. The plant flourished throughout the... read more

Using Natural Dyes

I have the pleasure of volunteering with Greener Partners, a non-profit in the Greater Philly area. I’m working specifically with their organic farm, Longview Farm and Market. Basically I get to hang out around the farm and attend awesome events and workshops! I... read more
Wish You Were Here!

Wish You Were Here!

I made these at the request of my mom for a friend who recently got an Airstream. She gave her a stack of these postcards with stamps so that her friend could keep in touch with friends and family during their Airstream... read more

Wurst At It’s Best: Brauhaus Schmitz Review

In the past few years my mom and I have started to celebrate birthdays and holidays with a day of shopping and dining, rather than gift-giving. Since it was my mom’s birthday last week, we set out for such an outing. We went to Brauhaus Schmitz (which is... read more

2013 Philadelphia Vendy Awards

The Vendy Awards are time when people come together to eat and drink amazing culinary delights prepared by the cities finest food trucks. After you sample everything, you vote! Just my kind of event. They are hosted and originated by the non-profit Street Vendor... read more

Pizzeria DiMeo’s: 8500 Henry Ave, Philadelphia

Pizza. Glorious Pizza. Can I call myself a pizza connoisseur? Sure, I just did. Some time ago, Thrillist recommended this place, Pizzeria DiMeo’s. They claim to use ingredients and water shipped from Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza as we know it. This is... read more

Recommended Listening: Wild Belle

Wild Belle is a brother/sister duo hailing from Chicago. They have a very chill funky reggae sound, and when I first heard them I actually thought it was new Santogold. Below is the video for Keep You, I love the the crazy sax throughout this track. I am very much... read more


This image was to illustrate the process of recycling water for an engineering company.... read more

Penncroft Perfumery

One year for Christmas I got it in my head that I’d make all homemade gifts for family and friends. It turned out to be a bit of an undertaking, but fun nonetheless! I got a little intense with some beeswax and made a plethora of lipgloss and solid perfumes.... read more