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Green Pepper Jelly

Re-Posted from Chris made my first introduction to pepper jelly. Hot peppers in jelly didn’t seem particularly appetizing to me, but I tried it anyway. “Oh Wow”, how unexpected! It was spicy and sweet and I wanted to devour... read more
Pedicure For Goats

Pedicure For Goats

Two of our Nubian goats living at Longview require routine nail trimmings. It’s not exactly a spa day for them, but they persevere with smiling faces... read more

In Season: Tomatoes

Re-Posted from It’s the end of July and all my love and attention towards my tomatoes is starting to pay off. I have a few heirloom varieties; Brandywine, Green Zebra, Sungold, San Marzano and other standards like Roma and cherries. In... read more

Citronella Scented Beeswax Candles

Re-Posted from Summer is in full swing and as much as I enjoy the long days and warm weather, I could do without all the bugs that come with it. Blech. This season has been particularly gnatty around us and even though I employ my chickens... read more

In Season: Strawberries

Re-Posted from Around here, the month of June is the time for strawberries. And I LOVE strawberries. These little berries are not only divinely sweet and tart when they’re in season, but they’re naturally low in sugar and packed... read more

Easy Homemade Bread

Re-Posted from I’m a terrible baker. I just am, precision and accuracy are not in my culinary wheelhouse. But I can make some darn good bread. I had never even humored the idea of bread baking because my lack of skills until my father... read more

Project: Stryker Farm Recipes

This was my first project for Stryker Farm, a heritage breed pig farm in Saylorsburg, PA. Stryker had a national ad campaign in Modern Farmer magazine launching in June and Nolan, the owner and farmer, wanted a stronger online presence for his products in time for... read more

DIY Rosehip Oil

Re-Posted from I’ve only just discovered the wonderful versatility of rosehips, specifically within the realm of my skincare routine. My batch of homemade rose hip is finally ready, so I wanted to share how simple it is to make.... read more

Legal Graffiti

For my Senior art show at Muhlenberg in ’07 I shared a collection of silkscreen and stenciled canvases. These were a mash up of photos of friends and urban graffiti... read more

Fresh and Local: Stryker Farm

Re-Posted from For years I’ve been buying meat, like anyone else, from the supermarket. Always working within a tight budget, cheap cuts of meats were my go-to. And until recently I didn’t really care about where it came from, or... read more

The First Signs of Spring

Re-Posted from “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne... read more

Paleo Cauliflower “Rice”

Re-Posted from Since Christmas I’ve been eating and preparing paleo meals (check out this post to catch up on my paleo adventure). Generally it’s not too different from how we already eat, and Chris even confessed he hasn’t... read more

Paleo Grain-Free Granola

Re-Posted from Why would I want to make grain-free granola? Around Christmas time, way back when in December, I found myself on a paleo food blog. I knew the gist of the paleo “diet”, but this blog had me consumed. Look at all of... read more