Crab Cakes All Day

Di Bruno Bros. had a running offer on crab cakes so I came up with uses for them other than just eating them solo with gobs of tartar sauce – delicious all the... read more

Two Days, Two Ways: Soy Ginger Pork Shoulder

Day One Pork Shoulder braised with soy, ginger, honey, garlic and chiles Corn tortilla Pickled radish and carrot Toasted sesame seeds Chiles Scallions Sriracha Day Two Pork Shoulder braised with soy, ginger, honey, garlic and chiles Ramen noodles Pork miso broth... read more

Raw Pet Food

This is in-store signage for wonderful raw pet food at Stryker Farm. I coated the sign in chalkboard paint and created a reusable... read more

Dancing Cheese

Di Bruno Bros. wanted to try inserting animated gifs into their e-mail correspondence. I styled and “animated” these dancing... read more

Holiday Food Stylin’

During the past few weeks I’ve gotten to do some food styling (not the photography) for Di Bruno Bros. of Philadelphia. Most of the work was done for their holiday catalog. The images below are a sample of the catalog spreads.... read more

Foxy Fox

During my semester abroad in London, my flatmate lost a pair of sandals outside of our building. When we checked the lost and found at the front desk, the attendant told us very matter-of-fact that the resident “Foxy Fox” most likely stole them. Obviously.... read more

The Secret is in the Crust

This month for Stryker Farm, the blog post was about the pig’s place at the Thanksgiving table. I guess you could go the route of no one likes turkey, so make a ham instead. But I opted for a more subtle, but flavorful suggestion – putting lard in the... read more

Project: Silverspoon Menu Shots

I photographed dishes for the The Silverspoon restaurant in Wayne, PA. Their menu is entirely created around local, seasonal produce. Everything that I had the pleasure of sampling was... read more

Project: Blog Post for Di Bruno Bros.

I wrote a blog post for Di Bruno Bros. featuring one of their Fancy Food Show finds, bacon jam from Skillet. I also made and photographed a dip using the product from a recipe off the Skillet site. Here’s a link to the post. IMG_1398 copy IMG_1453 copy IMG_1440... read more